Surimi products

Surimi products. Seafood lovers adore it, and even those who are not the biggest fans of fish cannot resist it. Pleasant flavour and soft texture make surimi perfect for eating it on its own, with a touch of lemon juice, or as an ingredient in the most delicious salad. It is a product that will enrich every meal or snack not only with exceptional flavour but also with the best source of energy – protein. Filling, delicious and very useful.

350 g

Smart Choice surimi sticks, 22% surimi

300 g

Surimi prawns in breadcrumbs, large Premium, 30% surimi

170 g

Surimi prawns in breadcrumbs, small Premium, 30% surimi

245 g

Surimi bites in breadcrumbs on of the stick Party, 29% surimi